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Olav Thorson (The Chief)

Chief of Odinshage village.


Olav Thorson was born and raised in Odinshage, a Norg village in Northern Brickonia. Life was a struggle, but Odinshage enjoyed decades as a peaceful, tight-knit farming community. It was led by Eirik Thorson, Olav's father, until Eirik's untimely death by disease. Olav was forced to take over as Chief at 19 years old. Olav went on to marry and raise a son and a daughter, but all three were killed by an unexpected attack of undead.

After becoming chief, Olav began experiencing extremely vivid dreams that often turned out to be accurate premonitions. He became revered as a dream interpreter in the village, and (over time) became respected as a diplomatic leader and a fierce warrior. These qualities led him to become close with General Gatner, who was cut from similar cloth.


A few months after the arrival of the General and his cohort, Thorson had a vision of the Norse gods. He viewed this vision as a call to a quest. Viewing his recent visitors as being sent with purpose, he enlisted them to join him. This quest would cost him his life, as he died at Vyldain's hand.

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