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Artificial Intelligence Bionic Hybrid


Kevin is a bionic robot; his limbs and body are mechanical, but his central processor is integrated with a human brain. The donor of this brain is anonymous and unknown, but it is likely that Kevin's "personality" and tendency to experience "dreams" are residual effects caused by the organ.

Created by the brilliant and slightly insane Dr. Binkley, Kevin has access to a multitude of programs. With the help of experimental nanotechnology, he is able to transform his limbs into a variety of weapons and tools. His structure is designed to be adaptable; as long as he doesn't exceed his physical mass, Kevin is able to mimic almost any tool.


During Kevin and General Gatner's defense of Odinshage, Kevin was blown into pieces. His central processor remained intact, and was taken and corrupted by Vyldain. In Kevin's dark form as "The Gatekeeper," his mind was accessed by the wizard Korin. With Korin's aid, Kevin overcame the corruption of slag and emerged as a new organism. His abilities in his new form are unknown. His fate is unknown.

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